Sutech Solutions is involved in numerous projects which varies from mega Infrastructure to small residential projects, from huge factories to small components, from full fleged townships to individual houses, from hitech GPS based Tracking devices to basic Mapping, from advanced engineering analysis to basic modeling, sutech has been thriving to do something more and something different. This attitude of ours has got us projects from various quarters like the Government, Defence, R&D, International, Avation, Automobile,Urban Planners,Transportation, Real Estate Developers, Architects, Manufacturers, Industries, Media, Institutions etc. with a huge local & international Clientile with more than 500 satisfied customers..

Bangalore Metro Train ($1.25billion):

Our involvement begin from the initial concept stage by creating Virtual Reality 3D Animated Presentation for getting approval for the project, to post approval Designs, by creating 3D model of all major stretches of the corridor with the stations, piers, viaducts etc which was used for redesigning, checking errors, re engineering, creating photo realistic images, creating virtual reality Animations / Walkthroughs, Animated presentation showing different stages of constructions and finally for extracting working drawings and estimations. Project in still in progress and expected to complete by 2015.


Durr Germany & Webb India : State of the art car assembly line

Entirely Developed in 3D BIM  this project involves modeling of the entire Car factory in 3D which include the Building, Structures, Conveyors, lifts, platforms, carriers, drivers etc , this in turn was used  for Clash Check, overlapping, collision, at the design stage itself hence correcting the designs before construction. This models further will be used for Structural Analysis and Motion Analysis to check load bearing capacity and collision between moving parts.


Birla Copper Smelting Plant

Sutech was involved in creating the entire plant in 3D showing all the building, structure, ovens, conveyors Air ventilation System, equipments etc. in 3D  to check for any clashes. it was further used for creating 3D views and walkthrough through the entire plant for presentation and approvals.


Prestigious Projects : Making India Proud

Sutech is involved in numerous prestigious project varying from huge plant modeling, Building Information Modeling(BIM) and implementing Infrastructure Modeling & Management (IMM)  sutech specialty is to integrate multiple technologies together to provide innovative solutions and have done that to provide intelligent solutions

Scott Wilson - Highway entirly on 3D

Sutech was involved in this project in creating a 46 Kms highway in 3D showing all its elements like roads, bridges, culverts, footpaths,median, streetlights, landscape etc on a digital terrain model to exactly replica the highway. this was further used to generate 3D views and Animations.

Special Project / MECON Ltd($8.3billion):

We are Proud to be Associated with this Prestigious Project , our involvement include 3D Modeling of all the Buildings, furniture and interiors which in turn was used for creating Perspectives and Walkthroughs for both interior and exterior of the entire campus. We were also involved in creating GIS ready base-map of the entire project.

KSRTC-BRTS($0.25billion) : Revolutionary Technology in Road Transport System

Sutech was involved in Mysore City Bus Rapid Transit System for KSRTC, our work involved Developing the Concept of BRTS in Mysore City by mixing Virtual Reality with 3D Animation to show the post implementation of BRTS in Mysore for which we had to integrate the existing environment through virtual reality and mix the post BRTS implementation scenario on the existing roads to produce a virtual reality animation showing the whole system working.

MECON Limited: Numerous Infrastructure/ steel plant/ GIS projects.

We were associated with MECON Ltd for more than 8 years,  and providing  consistent services to their numerous projects which include

                                          3D modeling Large number of building with 3D views & Walkthroughs

                                                 3D modeling of coke oven for Bokaro steel plant

                                                         3D modeling of Birla Copper Plant

                                                                3D modeling Large number of industrys & Plants with 3D views & Walkthroughs

                                                                       3D modeling of furniture for interiors

                                                                              creating GIS Maps for one of their prestigious client.

                                                                                                                                                        ..........and many more

L & T Limited: Numerous Infrastructure Projects.

We were associated with L & T Limited ( ECC) with numerous projects which include institutions, residential complex, places of worship, schools, desalination plant etc. The work involved in these projects was mainly to create 3D for design approval and create walkthroughs

Aircraft Tracking Systems: Making sky safe

Aircraft Tracking System was a pilot project developed for Ministry of Civil Aviation to track Commercial Aircraft using GPS by transmitting co-ordinates & elevation of the aircraft along with engine parameters, aircraft conditions and other sensory information to the ground station. This ground station in turn could monitor all the aircrafts flying, check for any slag in the aircraft, any causes for collision between aircrafts, aircrafts deviating from its course, pinpoint the exact location in case of any aircrash, provide Guidance system in case of emergencies  in advance development stage even take control of the whole aircraft or switch over to autopilot.

Vehicle Tracking, Navigation and Security Device: Full control of the road on your finger tips.

This is an Online GPS based Vehicle Tracking, Navigation & Security Device in which you could track the movement of your vehicle on your mobile( Smartphone).This system acts as Navigation system when you are travelling inside it, providing the directions,one ways, shortest route etc. But once you are outside the car it acts like a tracking device and it tracks all the movement of your vehicle and display it on your phone.


The security system becomes active when you get an alert that your parked vehicle is moving without your knowledge, which would be displayed live on your mobile You could lock your car and immobilise it by sending an immobilize SMS to your car which would switch off the ignition and would not start unless the unlock command is sent from the same mobile.


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