Sutech provides total Computer Aided Design and Engineering solutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering from Planning, Designing, Engineering and Analysis, to Fabrication and Construction, on all the latest and the best software available.

3D Modeling e 3D Modeling ( Solid, Surface & Hybrid) e 3D Assembly e Design Optimization e Product Design & Engineering e Clash, Collision & Interlock Checks e Reverse Engineering Analysis e Finite Element Analysis e Computational Fluid Dynamics, e Aerodynamics, e Kinematic Analysis e Motion Analysis e Electro Magnetic Analysis, e Seismic & Wind load Analysis Interactive Documentation e Interactive 3D Stepwise Working/ Servicing Procedure, e Interactive 3D Instruction & Service Manuals e Systematic Stepwise Manufacturing Procedure in 3D, e Step wise Assembly & Dismantling procedure in 3D, e Working of Machine Animation / Simulation, e 3D Interactive Training and Manuals, Presentations e 3D Product Presentations for Marketing e Photo Realistic Rendering e Animations of Assembly e Interactive 3D Animations, e Virtual Reality Presentation e Corporate Presentations Simulations e Simulation of Assembly/ Machines e Real Time Engineering Simulations, e Programmable Logical Control (PLC) Simulation, e What IF situations , e Virtual Simulations, 2D to 3D Migration e 3D Content Creation: We provide services on 3D content creation on any 3D software to provide you with ready made library of all your products and have a turnkey solution when your organization is migrating from 2D to 3D.


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