Infrastructure Modeling and Management(IMM)

Sutech a Computer Aided Engineering Company presents its unique and innovative technology to revolutionize the entire process of Construction and Engineering for Infrastructure projects - Infrastructure Modeling and Management .IMM is an answer for a well Planned, Innovatively Designed, Perfectly Constructed, Efficiently Managed and Effectively Maintained Infrastructure project. This technology integrates all data associated with Planning, Designing, Construction, Mangling & Maintaining into a single comprehensive 3D file, which includes all underground, ground and above ground data.This is further incorporated to project planning & simulation software for better project management. Finally integrated to Infrastructure Management System & Intelligent Information System to help manage the project better and make accurate decisions. This can be used for Disaster Management Systems & Emergency Response System.


In short IMM is an integration of  Site Modeling (Digital terrain Model) + Road Modeling(bridges, Culverts, Interchanges etc.) + Site development modeling + Underground Services Modeling + Geographical Information Systems + Global Positioning System + Building Information Modeling(BIM) + Project Planning + Construction Management + Simulation + Supply chain Management + Asset / Facilities Management + Maintenance Management + Space Management + BMS Integration + Disaster Management + Emergency Response System + Automation & Remote control hence generating a  total intelligent 3D comprehensive model with smart accessibility on PC, Laptop, ipad, Tabs, Smartphones.

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Planning: Sutech provides its services in site planning using survey data, by perfectly recreating the site using DTM (Digital Terrain Modeling) which facilitates in the creation of exact 3D master-plan with Volumetric Analysis (cut & fill) for roads, drainage & site buildings. This master-plan is mapped with land acquisition details, utility network, buildings etc on exact GPS coordinates and integrated to Geographical Information system(GIS) for better design and management.


Designing: Sutech provides its services in creating optimized and error free design, by exactly 3D modeling all Buildings,structures and integrating all its services ( power system, drainage system, air ventilation system, emergency response system, fire and security system) into a single 3D file using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and checking for all errors and clashes


Construction: Sutech creates error free 3D models, avoiding errors caused due to clashes of different services which could save a whooping 20% on construction cost, we also generate Bill of materials, optimizing routing of services, quantification, estimation, systematic construction sequence simulation etc. for better understanding and construction.


Manage : Sutech's 3D model is very useful in planning & managing your projects in a more efficient and effective way. This model seamlessly integrates with the project planning & management software like MS Projects or Primavera to provide you with a 3D simulation of your project planning, so that every member of the construction team would understand the Construction planning and sequencing better, for a perfectly planned construction.


Maintain : Sutech Synchronizes this whole 3D model into an Intelligent Infrastructure Management System so that you could efficiently maintain the entire project throughout its lifecycle. The Intelligent Information System would provide you with all information required of each member like its supplier, name & make, maintenance schedule, details etc. at just a click of a button.


Disaster Management System & Emergency Response System ; Sutech provides its services in creating a comprehensive 3D interactive model of the entire layout on exact GPS coordinate system, which can be loaded to a handheld device (e.g.: i-pad, Tablets, Laptops) and navigated through in case of emergencies like a disaster or an attack. This would help the emergency response team to navigate and locate the problem area much quicker using the virtual 3D model on a hand held device.




     Ultimately IMM is a future ready 3D platform to Plan, Visualize, Analyze, Simulate, Execute, Manage and   Maintain your project in a more Efficient & Effective way.


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