Infrastructure Modeling & Management for Metro Rail Projects

  (Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Metro Rail Projects)

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The world is going through a rapid phase in Infrastructure growth and Metro rail has become the backbone of the Mass Transit System in any city. This has to be well Planned, Designed, Constructed, Managed and Maintained in a systematic and futuristic way which is the biggest challenge today. The major challenges a Metro Rail project faces are mostly in the areas of Routing, Designing, Utility mapping , Aligning, Project Planning (Construction and cost),Sustainability, Execution, Maintenance and Management.


Sutech a Computer Aided Engineering Company presents its unique and innovative technology to revolutionize the entire process of Construction and Engineering for Infrastructure projects - Infrastructure Modeling and Management (IMM) is an answer for a well Planned, innovatively Designed, perfectly Constructed, efficiently Managed and Maintained Infrastructure project. This technology integrates all data associated with Planning , Designing & Construction into a single comprehensive 3D file which includes all underground, ground and above ground data.


This is further integrated to project planning & simulation software for better project management. Finally integrated to Infrastructure Management System & Intelligent Information System to help manage the project better and make accurate decisions. This can be used for Disaster Management Systems & Emergency Response System.


In short IMM is an integration of Site Modeling (Digital terrain Model) + Route Modeling (Piers, Viaduct, Tunnels etc.) + Site development modeling + Underground Services Modeling + Geographical Information Systems (Land Acquisitions )+ Global Positioning System + Building Information Modeling(BIM) (Stations) + Project Planning + Construction Management + Simulation + Supply chain Management + Asset / Facilities Management + Maintenance Management + Space Management + BMS Integration + Disaster Management + Emergency Response System + Automation & Remote control hence generating a  total intelligent 3D comprehensive model with smart accessibility on PC, Laptop, ipad, Tabs, Smart-phones etc.

Planning: Planning includes route mapping with land acquisition details on exact GPS coordinates and Geographical Information system(GIS). The land is perfectly recreated using DTM (Digital Terrain Modeling) which enables exact 3D mapping of all details with 3D model of Buildings, Utilities & Road details along the alignment route.

Designing: Sutech provides its services in creating optimized and error free design, by exactly 3D modeling all structures and integrating with all its services (signaling  system, power system, drainage system, air ventilation system, emergency response system, fire and security system) into a single 3D file using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and checking for all errors and clashes at design stage itself thus saving nearly 45% on design cycle time.

Construction: These 3D models created by Sutech becomes very useful in error free construction saving a whopping 20% on construction cost compared to the present way of construction. Reduces the need of  interdepartmental site meetings caused due to confusions and clashes by 50%. Above all you get an exact quantification and estimation for all your construction work which is very useful in tendering process.

Manage : Sutech's 3D model is very useful in planning & managing you projects in a more efficient and effective way. This model seamlessly integrates with the project planning & management software like MS Projects or Primavera to provide you with a 3D simulation of your project planning so that every member of the construction team would understand the Construction planning and sequencing better for a perfectly planned construction.

Maintain : This whole 3D model can be Synchronized into an Intelligent Infrastructure Management System so that you could efficiently maintain the entire project throughout its lifecycle. The Intelligent Information System would provide you with all information required of each member like its supplier, name & make, maintenance chart, details etc. at just a click of a button.

Ultimately IMM is a future ready 3D platform to Visualize, Analyze, Simulate,Execute, Manage and Maintain your project more efficient & effective way.



Land Acquisition

Ground Modeling(DTM) with all services

3D Buildings

3D Modelling of viaducts & Piers

with all Services

Station Modeling (BIM)

Bangalore Metro Trinity Station

Project Planning & Simulation(4D BIM) : Sutech provides services in Project Planning Simulations(4D BIM) as the 3D model created would be very useful in planning & managing your projects in a more efficient and effective way. This model seamlessly integrates with the project planning & management software like MS Projects or Primavera, to provide you with a 3D simulation of your project so that every member of the construction team would understand the Construction planning and sequencing better.
Infrastructure Management System : Sutech synchronizes this whole 3D model into an Intelligent Infrastructure Management System so that you could efficiently maintain the entire project throughout its lifecycle. The Intelligent Information System would provide you with all information required of each member like its supplier, name & make, maintenance schedule, details etc. at just a click of a button.
Disaster Management Systems & Emergency Response System Sutech provides its services in creating a comprehensive 3D interactive model of the entire layout on exact GPS coordinate system, which can be loaded to a handheld device (e.g.: i-pad, Tablets, Laptops) and navigated through in case of emergencies like a disaster or an attack. This would help the emergency response team to navigate and locate the problem area much quicker using the virtual 3D model on a hand held device. Advantages of implementing Infrastructure Modeling & Management
e Single model approach to Planning, Designing, Constructing, Managing and Maintaining of entire project.
e Provides error free 3D model of entire project at design stage itself, hence saving e 20% on construction cost, e 45 % on design cycle time, e nearly 50 % of interaction & interdepartmental meetings. e 25% on Material by getting exact Quantification Report e Facilitates 3D Navigation, Zooming and Rotation of the entire project to see every small details & get intelligent information.
e Facilitates Systematic Construction Planning, Scheduling and Simulation.
e Facilitates Engineering Analysis & Simulation, Facilities Management, Project Planning and more.
e Integrated Infrastructure Management Systems for easy & better Management through 3D model.
e Very useful for Post construction maintenance by 3D Navigation to know the exact locations in case of any failure on GPS.
e Integrated to Emergency and Disaster Management system.

Technical Specifications

Route Planning:
Sutech provides total services in Route planning from
e Initial mapping on satellite images for feasibility study.
e GIS mapping the alignment on exact GPS coordinates.
e Recreating the entire route on 3D using Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) by including the vegetation, buildings and utilities for easy planning.
e Recreating the entire underground routing in 3D with exact elevation, foundations & coordinates.
e Creating working envelope along the route to check all possible obstacles, clashes and shifts.
e Replanning or rerouting to have minimum acquisitions, obstacles, clashes or shifts thus saving money.
e Integrating intelligent information system & management information system of all elements for one click information and approvals. GIS Mapping & Land Acquisition : Sutech offers a total Intelligence integrated map using Geographical Information System (GIS) technology in 3D which provides you with a one click information of all the land details like ownership, survey number , land area, buildings, demolition requirements, costing compensation etc. along the entire route. This gives you a consolidated information system, integrated on a single map for easier Land Acquisition processes. Construction Planning:
Sutech provides total Planning & Simulation services in 3D for better understanding with effective & efficient construction.
e 4D BIM Construction Planning & Simulation.
e Construction Space calculation and Barricade Planning.
e Traffic Management and Rerouting.
e Deforestation & Tree Cutting, planning & execution.
e Utility Shift Planning and Execution Planning.
e Equipment Movement and Working Envelope.
e Building Demolition and Safety Planning
e Water Flooding and Drainage Planning. Engineering Analysis
Sutech provides services on Engineering Analysis and Simulation of various elements and systems to assure you a perfectly engineered system.
e Structural Analysis
e Seismic Analysis
e Wind Load Analysis
e Crash Analysis
e Checks for Fatigue
e Checks for Collision
e Simulation of Train movement
e Simulation of signaling system
e Simulation of people flow analysis
e Simulation of What-if conditions.
Route Modeling
Sutech provides total software service in creating 3D model for all elements of a metro project on exact scale and GPS location to create a error free 3D design.
e 3D Modeling of entire route using DTM.
e 3D Modeling of piers on exact GPS coordinates
e 3D Modeling and assembly of viaducts
e 3D Modeling of all services along Viaduct
e 3D modeling of tracks on exact scale and location.
e 3D modeling of signaling systems.
e 3D modeling of drainage systems. Building Information Modeling(BIM) for Metro Stations
Sutech provides services in creation of 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) to provide you a comprehensive 3D error free design of station with:
e 3D Model of Buildings
e 3D Model of RCC Structures
e 3D Model of Steel Structures
e 3D Model of HVAC Network
e 3D Model of Piping Network
e 3D Model of Electrical Network
e 3D Model of Communication Network
e 3D Model of Fire, Safety & Security systems
e Clash checks between different services Under Ground Modeling
e 3D Mapping and Terrain Modeling(DTM) of the entire under Ground data
e Integrating all details like Soil Sample, locations and the Geological conditions
e 3D Mapping the whole Utility network along the route both above & below ground
e 3D Modeling of underground building foundation along the tunneling path.
e Volumetric calculation(cut & fill) for ground work of stations, piers and Underground Tunneling Construction Simulation
Sutech provides total solutions on construction planning & simulation for metro projects like
e Ready for construction error free 3D model
e Single integrated 3D model with all Services
e Simulation of sequential construction of piers
e Simulation of sequential assembly of viaducts
e Simulation of systematic sequence of laying of services along the viaduct to avoid clashes
e Simulation of systematic sequence of laying of tracks
e Simulation of systematic sequence of laying of signaling systems
e Optimized routing of services
e Bill/Quantification of materials
e Safety planning and execution
e Systematic Construction Planning & Simulation
e Systematic Equipment movement Planning & Simulation
Brief Summary of IMM / BIM Output e 3D IMM / BIM Model (with 3D Building Modeling, Intelligent Information Model, Engg. Details, Specifications, Drawing & Details etc.) e Clash check between all services
e Bill of Quantities (Concrete, Steel, Masonry, Conduit, Piping, Fixtures, etc.)
e Reinforcement Steel Modeling with Quantities, Cutting & Bending Schedule
e Combine Services 3D Model for easy viewing on 3D Pdf, Ipad & Laptop
e 2D Detail Drawing, Fabrication Drawing e 3D Site Modeling & Site Development e Volumetric Analysis (Cut & Fill Report)
e 3D Landscape Modelling e Underground Services Modeling (Electrical, Water, Drainage, Sewerage etc.)
e Clash check between Underground Services
e 4D BIM Project Planning Simulations (MS Projects / primavera)
e 5D BIM Cost Simulation ( Estimations & Quantifications)
e 6D BIM Lifecycle Management
e Maintenance Management e Interactive stepwise Maintenance Procedure
e Integration to Building Management System (BMS)
e Integration to Space Management
e Integration to Supply Chain Mgmt
e 7D BIM Integration to Location Base system (GPS)
e 8D BIM - Integration to Disaster Management System
e 9D BIM - Integration to Emergency Response
e 10D BIM - Integration to Building Automation & Remote control


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