Digital Factory Layout Modeling & Simulation

Sutech  offers  manufacturers / process plants flexible & scalable services by creating Digital Factory for Planning, Designing, Engineering, Constructing, Operating and Maintaining.


Sutech offers a total and specialized services in 3D Factory Modeling( DIgital Factories), Analysis & Simulation services.  Which  include 3D modeling the whole factory with all its elements like the building, structures, conveyors, equipments, machinery, electrical network, HVAC network, piping network , Material Handling Network etc.  to exact scale, size and location. This facilitates a error free design at the design stage itself  by checking for any Clashes and rectifying it, thus saving 45% on design cycle time and hence saving a whooping 20% on the construction cost.


Sutech also offers specialized engineering analysis services which include Structural Analysis, Seismic Analysis,  Wind Load Analysis and Checks for Fatigue  so as to  check the load bearing capacity of structural members within the factory.


Sutech provides factory simulation services for partial or the entire factory, Simulation of  working of machinery / equipment , Simulation  of  working of Conveyors,  Paint shop Simulations, robotic working Simulations etc. to check for any collisions between moving parts, Check working envelop, optimizing, rerouting and hence reducing lean time. thus Optimizing factory layout for production efficiency.


Sutech works on a futuristic approach by integrating  3D Digital factory  seamlessly into operations & maintenance. Sutech synchronizes this whole 3D model into an Intelligent  Management System so that you could efficiently maintain the entire project throughout its lifecycle. The Intelligent Information System would provide you with all information required of each member like its supplier, name & make, maintenance schedule, details etc. at just a click of a button. sutech also provides  a stepwise maintenance procedure of any equipment  by creating an interactive 3D animation showing stepwise instruction  loaded on to a tablet.


Sutech provides its services in Disaster Management Systems & Emergency Response System by creating a comprehensive 3D interactive model of the entire layout on exact GPS coordinate system, which can be loaded to a handheld device (e.g.: i-pad, Tablets, Laptops) and navigated through in case of failures or emergencies like a disaster or an attack. This would help the emergency response team to navigate and locate the problem area much quicker using the virtual 3D model on a hand held device.


In Factory Layout Modeling we provide e 3D Model of Buildings e 3D Model of Structures e 3D Model of Conveyors e 3D Model of Equipments e 3D Model of Machinery e 3D Model of Piping Network e 3D Model of Electrical Network e 3D Model of Material Handling Systems. …and integrate into a single file. Provide Engineering Analysis which include e Structural Analysis e Scismic Analysis e Life Cycle Analysis e Piping & Flow Analysis . Provide Factory Simulation for working of factory which include e Simulate the working of Machinery & Factory. e Simulating Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - program. e Simulate the working of Factory for optimizing production efficiency. Advantages e Can navigate and rotate to view in 3D. e Check for Clashes &, Collision, design stage saving 45% on design cycle time. e Get the Bill of Material for the entire factory. e Very helpful in Redesigning or Relocating different elements. e Helpful in optimizing, rerouting and hence reducing lean time. e Simulate the movement of the entire factory for checking Collision. e Structural Analysis of different Load bearing units. e Doing Piping & Flow Analysis . e Simulate the working of PLC, Machinery & factory. e Simulating Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - program. e Helps in well coordinated and informed decision. e Helps in Optimizing factory layout for production efficiency. e Reducing Errors at design stage hence saving 20% on construction cost. e Decrease in rework, leading to substantial cost savings. e Shortened duration of product line reconfiguration and modification. e Access to accumulated design information for later maintenance. e Beneficial in case of Emergencies & Disaster Management. e Very useful in Post Construction maintenance.


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