3D Civil Engineering & Highway Modeling

Sutech offers its 3D Modeling services in the field of Civil engineering, from creating Digital Terrain  Modeling (DTM) on exact scale and coordinates,  to superimposing master-plan on exact elevations  to generate a cut and fill report . We also  provide services in Storm water flow Analysis.


Sutech provides services in Building Information Modeling services for infrastructure in which all the underground services are 3D modeled in exact GPS coordinates and elevations. This enables Clash Check between these services to provide an error free design.


Sutech Provides Services in 3D Highway Modeling  by recreating the entire highway using Digital Terrain Modeling and on exact GPS coordinates , mapping all ground/ underground Services in 3D and integrating it with intelligent information system to facilitate any clash check and intelligent management system.


3D Site Modeling & Site Development
e 3D Ground Modeling
e Digital Terrain Modeling
e 3D Master Plan e Volumetric Analysis(Cut & Fill)
e Storm water flow Analysis Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure
e 3D Underground Services Modeling e Clash Check of Underground Services
e 3D Mapping of Services with geo coordinates and Elevations
e Integrated Information Systems
3D Highway Modeling
e 3D Road Design & Modeling
e 3D Bridge & Flyover Modeling
e 3D Culvert & Drainage Modeling
e 3D Multilevel Interchange Modeling
e 3D Landscape, Walkway, Cycleway & Median
e 3D Services modeling along the road
e 3D Underground Services modeling e Clash Check between Underground services
e 3D Mapping on exact GPS Coordinates & Elevations
e 3D Animation & Flythroughs of Highways


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