Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D-4D-5D-6D-7D-8D-9D-10D

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The world is going through a rapid phase in the Construction Industry and this has to be well Planned, Designed, Constructed, Managed and Maintained in a systematic and futuristic way which is the biggest challenge today. The major challenges an building project faces are mostly in the areas of Planning, Error free Designing, Exact Quantification, optimal routing of services, Clash free Services lines, Understanding project planning , proper Construction Management, proper Supply chain Management, Checking Sustainability, Project Execution, Meeting Deadlines and finally Maintenance and Management. Sutech a Computer Aided Engineering Company presents its unique and innovative technology to revolutionize the entire process of Construction and Engineering for Building projects - Building Information Modeling (BIM) an answer for a well Planned, Innovatively Designed, Perfectly Constructed, Efficiently Managed and Effectively Maintained Building project. This technology integrates all data associated with Planning , Designing, Construction, Mangling & Maintaining into a single comprehensive 3D file, which includes 3D Building Modelling of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Communication lines, Fire Fighting , Safety & Security elements with Information Modeling like Element specifications, Properties(Volume, Area, Length etc) Details, Manufacturer, Make, Model No, supplier Details etc. This BIM Model can be used for Clash Check between Services, Extracting Quantities (BoQ) , 2D Detail Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Visualization ( 3D views & Animation) searching (Query) elements as per different specifications, / Standards This BIM Model is further integrated to e 4D BIM Project Planning Simulations (MS Projects / Primavera)
e 5D BIM Cost Simulation ( Estimations & Quantifications)
e 6D BIM Lifecycle Management
e Maintenance Management e Interactive stepwise Maintenance Procedure
e Integration to Building Management System (BMS)
e Integration to Space Management
e Integration to Supply Chain Mgmt
e 7D BIM Integration to Location Base system (GPS)
e 8D BIM - Integration to Disaster Management System
e 9D BIM - Integration to Emergency Response
e 10D BIM - Integration to Building Automation & Remote control

Our BIM Services Include

3D Modeling of Buildings/ Plants/ Structures

    3D Modeling of services










Quantification / Bill of Materials / Estimation

2D Working / Shop Drawing Generation


BIM for Infrastructure







Sutech also specializes in

 e Electrical & Power System e Cabling Network e Water & Drainage System e Air Ventilation System e Piping, Equipment & Machinery e Emergency Response System e Fire and Security System Clash check & Error Correction e Site Modeling & Site Development ( Digital Terrain Modeling)
e Utility / Services Network Modeling & Clash Detection
e Storm water flow Analysis
e Visualization ( 3D View, Walkthrough, Interactive Animations, Virtual Reality)
e Engineering Analysis (Structural Analysis, Seismic & Wind Load Analysis)
e 4D BIM ( Project Planning Simulation)
e 5D BIM( Cost Analysis)
e 6D BIM( Life Cycle Management)
e 3D Digital Factory Modeling & Simulation
e 3D Plant Modeling & Engineering e Construction & Equipment’s movement simulation


3D Plant Modeling & Engineering : Sutech provide services in 3D Plant Modeling (piping, equipment, structures, power system, air ventilation system etc) with smart P&ID diagrams and Clash Detection. We also provide Structural Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics & Intelligent Maintenance Management with maintenance schedule.

In short “You Have the Whole Building in Your Hands”
which would be extremely useful in Pre and Post construction stages. Benefits at Pre construction stage: e Can check for any Interference, Collision, Fouling or Overlapping in design stage itself.
e Thus Save Construction cost by over 20% by reducing errors at the construction site.
e Any Corrections or Modifications can be done at the design stage, thus saving a whopping 45% of design cycle time
e You can 3D Navigate, Zoom and Rotatate the entire layout to see every small details..
e One click information of coordinates, dimensions, details or any information instead of searching & referring multiple drawings.
e Flexibility to view the required model/ data by switching layers.
e With these 3D models you can view from any angle and extract any number of Plans, Elevations, Sections etc
e With IMI nearly 50 % of interaction & interdepartmental meetings are reduced compared to 2D drawing.
e With 3D models, the project will be so well coordinated and built that you receive very few questions from the field
e Systematic construction planning, scheduling and Simulation
e With integrated information systems it helps you take better and well informed decision.
e Can further be used for Engineering Analysis & Simulation, Facilities Management, Project Planning and more. Benefits at Post construction stage e Very useful for Post construction maintenance. e To know the exact locations in case of any failure. e Very useful in case of Emergencies and Disaster Management


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